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Welcome to my pictures page! The following pages are sorted by date, with a brief description below each picture. If you have a favorite picture that you would like me to post, please be sure to let me know. I plan to update this page on a regular basis, so be sure to check back soon!!!

Here are the pictures from this year's Osram ski trip. Posted: 5/07/00.

Austria & Switzerland I - January 2000 - Friday's pictures including the midnight sled ride.

Austria & Switzerland II - January 2000 - Saturday in Ischgl including group photos.

Austria & Switzerland III - January 2000 - Everyone enjoying the final day of the ski trip.

Here are some pictures from the second part of our ski trip in Europe. Chuck, Jim, Chris, Thomas, and myself spent three short days in the Dolomites of Italy. Posted: 5/07/00.

Dolomites I - January 2000 - Some pictures from the slopes.

Dolomites II- January 2000 - Pictures of the local towns, the hotel, and the evening ice competition.

Here are a few pictures of the new apartment in Germany. Posted: 5/07/00.

Dave's Apartment in Germany - January 2000 - Some pics of my third apartment in three years.

Here are some pictures from the Go-kart place in Munich. Posted: 5/07/00.

Go-kart - January 2000 - Here are Hans, Günther, Georg, Frank, and myself after the big race.

Here are a few pictures from one of the Fasching Parades in Lauingen. Posted: 5/07/00.

Lauingen - February 2000 - Thomas, Petra, and myself tried to dodge the rain and the confetti as we watched the parade.

Ansgar, Tanya, Christine, and myself spent the weekend skiing down in Austria. Posted: 5/07/00.

Damuels - February 2000 - Some pics from the slopes at Damuels.

Pictures of Austin Powers' arrival to the big Fasching weekend in Lauingen. Posted: 5/07/00.

Fasching I - February 2000 - Friday was our second day celebrating Fasching in Lauingen.

Fasching II - February 2000 - The Wudy's, FC Lauingen, and Marcus' birthday celebration.

Fasching III - February 2000 - Life after Fasching on Sunday morning, and the big parade.

Fasching IV - February 2000 - Some more pictures of the big parade.

Fasching V - February 2000 - Yet more parade pictures, plus some previously unpublished photos of Austin Powers.

These are some pictures from a few of my trips to Berlin. Posted: 7/16/00.

Berlin - March 2000 - A few pictures from a city tour with Roland and Thomas.

Jeff, Lino, and Mel's first stop on their 2000 European tour was Vienna. Posted: 7/16/00.

Vienna - March 2000 - Some pictures of different parts of the city in varying weather conditions!

This was my first, and certainly not my last trip to Salzburg. Posted: 7/16/00.

Salzburg I - March 2000 - We stopped to have dinner here during our late night drive from Vienna to Innsbruck.

Innsbruck is well known for its earlier hosting of the winter Olympics. Posted: 7/16/00.

Innsbruck - March 2000 - Some cool pictures from The Alpen Zoo (Alps Zoo) and the city itself.

This was my first of many trips to The Bavarian City of Schwangau. Posted: 7/16/00.

Schwangau - March 2000 - Some breathtaking pics of the castles of the great King Ludwig II.

This was my first trip to the capital of Bavaria. Posted: 7/16/00.

Munich I - March 2000 - Here is a picture of Jeff, Lino, and Melanie and myself having dinner at the one and only (often imitated, never equaled) Hofbrauhaus.

This was my second trip to Salzburg this time with Kelly and Chris. Posted: 7/16/00.

Salzburg II - March 2000 - Some pictures of The Mirabell Gardens and The Castle of Hellbrunn.

I decided to make the most of the long Easter weekend. Posted: 7/16/00.

Milan I - April 2000 - My first stop was in the great city of Milan.

Milan II - April 2000 - Here are some pictures from a busy second day in Milan.

The second part of Easter weekend. Posted: 7/16/00.

Venice I - April 2000 - Venice is probably my favorite city in Italy.

Venice II - April 2000 - Pictures from my second day in the city of water and bridges.

Venice III - April 2000 - My mini trip to the glass making island of Murano.

Venice IV - April 2000 - Some final pictures of a few churches and other buildings.

The guys from Herbrechtingen joined me for a weekend ski trip to St. Anton. Posted: 7/16/00.

St. Anton - April 2000 - Some pictures with Wolfgang and Michael in the slopes of Austria.

Michael Hechfellner gave me a great little tour of the old city of Heidenheim. Posted: 7/16/00.

Heidenheim - April 2000 - Some pictures of a neat little city just outside of Herbrechtingen.

Thomas, Petra, and Gabi joined me for a wonderful dinner with the Anderer Family. Posted: 7/16/00.

The Anderers - April 2000 - A few great pictures of Martin and Andrea's house.

I have made a few trips over to Hans' nice apartment in Augsburg. Posted: 7/16/00.

The Siewerths - April 2000 - I was taking a computer gaming break when I shot this photo.

I ended up going to The Plaerer three times in the short time that it was here. Posted: 7/16/00.

Plaerer - May 2000 - My trip with Thomas and Petra to The Plaerer Carnival in Augsburg.

Mr. Dietz, Ralph and his wife joined me for an awesome dinner with the Gerstmayr Family. Posted: 7/16/00.

The Gerstmayrs - May 2000 - A few great pictures of their recently restored home in Augsburg.

A few pictures of the day after Honky Tonk in Augsburg. Posted: 7/16/00.

Honky Tonk - May 2000 - A few photos from Andrea's apartment, and the 1/2 day buffet.

Here are some pictures from one of Thomas' soccer games.. Posted: 7/16/00.

FC Lauingen - May 2000 - A few action photos from the soccer field in Lauingen.

This was a day trip that I made to Munich during the weekend of my birthday. Posted: 7/16/00.

Munich I - May 2000 - These are pictures from the center of the city including Marienplatz.

Munich II - May 2000 - Here are some nice pictures of a few different sections of München.

A relaxing day in Augsburg. Posted: 7/16/00.

Dave's 24th Birthday - May 2000 - Some pictures with Günther, Andrea, Thomas, and Petra.

Coming Soon: Mom's trip to Europe

Mom's Trip to Europe - Tons of pictures from Germany, Austria, and Italy!

I ended up hitting The Plaerer another three times this summer. Posted: 9/5/00.

Plaerer II - September 2000 - My trips to the Plaerer with some friends from work.

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