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Someone decided to take a picture of me coming out of the WC on Sunday morning.

Brotzeit by Thomas and Petra. Here are their friends Thomas and Elke from Munich.

Here Petra is enjoying a break from the never ending duties of a Hausfrau.

Sunday afternoon. Still recovering...

The parade on Sunday. It's the Santa Maria!

A marching band.

Some marching ladies.

Some less attractive ladies.

What seems to be a medieval float.

I don't know what was going on in this picture.

Note all the confetti that the parade marchers are so generously sharing with us.

Another round of confetti.

Another group of marching ladies.

Yet another marching band.

This was quite amusing. Here is one man, with 4 stuffed men tied to his poles. All 5 were marching.

Now that's a bike!

It feels like home here in Lauingen!

Here is a marching band from Gundelfingen (Petra's hometown).

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